Spa Types – The 5 Common Categories Of Spa

Spa stands for salus per aqua, which means healing by water. According to Wikipedia, the term spa is related to some form of water treatment which is also known as balneotherapy. In layman”s terms, a spa is a place where you can receive spa treatments, most commonly facial, massage, and body treatments.

A regular visit to the spa brings release of stress, rejuvenate your mind and body.

There are many types of spa in the current industry. And it’s very important to know the difference so you get to enjoy what you are searching for.

Day Spa. A day spa delivers spa treatments on a day-use basis. It is something that people can enjoy every day. It can be located in a shopping mall, workplace complex, shop-office, or any other designated commercial zone. And it usually provides a comprehensive treatment menu which includes massage, body, waxing and facial and some form of water based treatment.

Destination Spa. Its primary purpose is to help you lead a healthier lifestyle through spa services, physical fitness activities, wellness education, healthy cuisine and special interest programming. Usually, more than two-night stay. Some even have a requirement of minimum stay of three or seven nights. Some destination spas are located in exotic places.

Resort/Hotel Spa. A spa that located within a hotel or resort. It offers spa services, fitness classes and spa cuisine. It is a good choice when one person wants spa and the other would like to do something else for example golf or tennis. It also works for business travellers and families.

Medical Spa. A medical spa is also known as medispa or med-spa is often a hybrid between a medical clinic and a day spa that operates under the full-time supervision of a licensed healthcare professional. It offers treatments that require a doctor’s supervision, such as laser resurfacing and Botox injections. It also provides spa treatments.

Family spa. Family spa has facilities delivering complete salon and spa services for the whole family and group parties. It”s an ideal get-away for families that are seeking for a fun experience focuses on wellness, education and bonding.

Above are the common types of spa available. This is definitely not an exhaustive list. There are other types such as casino spa, airport spa and etc. that are only found in certain countries.

Why Multi Centre Holidays

If you’ve never been on a multi centre holiday then you might not be familiar with what the term actually means. More importantly though, those who haven’t been on multi centre holidays will be missing out by not getting to experience some of the most varied and exciting holidays out there.

Essentially the idea behind multi centre holidays is simple. Multi centre holidays are the same as multi destination holidays, meaning you get to travel to lots of different locations (or just one or two) in a single go. Multi centre holidays then, mean traveling between locations without coming back in between and that way getting to see as much of the world as you should choose.

There are various types of multi centre holidays. For instance you might choose to journey within just one country. If you wished to visit Egypt then, you might type ‘multi centre holidays Egypt’ into Google, and then use this to book yourself multiple destinations throughout Egypt. This way you aren’t flying between countries, but are instead staying within the one while visiting a few different sites. Multi centre holidays Egypt then might mean visiting Cairo, the Valley of the kings and Giza where the pyramids are before heading off to a hotel resort on the coast for some much needed r&r. The great thing about multi centre holidays Egypt is that you this way get to see all of the big sites that Egypt has to offer and that everyone talks about but all in one great holiday. This way you can sample everything that the country has to offer before moving on.

At the same time it’s also possible to visit multiple countries in some cases and to move from one country to another within a single holiday. This way you get a highly varied holiday and you get to see lots of different things and experience different foods, cultures and more.

Multi destination holidays are very different from ‘backpacking’ on your own. In the latter case you are left to find your own accommodation and left to decide on your own how to get from point a to point b. This is an exciting experience for many people and gives them the freedom to truly explore within the countries they are visiting. However this kind of traveling most certainly isn’t for everyone, and there are those who would prefer to travel with more convenience and comfort. To this end multi centre holidays provide you with the best hotels, easy transport and everything else you could need to make the process easy and enjoyable. Hence ‘multi centre’ in other words you will move from one preordained location to another and will know what to expect and be certain to get a room. This is highly different from backpacking then and provides a way for anyone families, singles, couples, elderly people, young people to travel between various destinations and have an adventure while staying comfortable. This is one of the most exciting ways to visit another country.

Writing A Perfect Objective Statement For The Hotel Management Jobs

Rapid expansion in the field of tourism has resulted in the growth of hotel management industry at an international as well as, local level. Hotel management industry promises some bright career opportunities for the volunteers who wish to join the hospitality team of a hotel in future. Today, more and more students are opting for hotel management courses.

You need to perform well in your interview. Keep in mind that your recruiters want a potential candidate who is capable of presenting himself in a smart manner. So, in order to present yourself as a well-trained, confident and elegant candidate, you need to focus on your resume first. A resume Objective statement plays significant role in crafting an extraordinary resume. Here are some sample statements for you.

1. Post: Hotel Manager for a Luxury Resort (3-Star/5-Star)

Resume Objective: Seeking for the post of Hotel Manager in a reputed resort where I get an opportunity of utilizing my experiences, skills and knowledge that I have earned during all these years of learning. My innovative ideas and dynamic personality will please my employee as well as, my customers. My innovative ideas would certainly help me in performing my job with ease and efficiency.

2. Post: Banquet Manager for a Guest House/Catering Company

Resume Objective: Seeking for the post of Banquet Manager in an esteemed, lively organization where I can execute my Advertising, Promotional and Marketing talents; along with Banquet operation skills to gain profits for my organization.

3. Post: Bar Tender in a Pub or Lounge

Resume Objective: I am looking for the job of Bartender in an admired Pub or a Lounge where I can exhibit my energy, creativity, spark, multi-tasking talents, refined tastes and strong interpersonal skills. With my positive attitude, friendly nature and ten years of experience, I will benefit the my organization.

4. Post: Waiter

Resume Objective: I am a well-trained, humble, enthusiastic plus friendly waiter having twelve years of experience in the field of catering. I am searching for a job in a well-organized restaurant where I can exhibit my strong communication, interpersonal and training skills. I have the potential to handle pressure and offer complete customer satisfaction.

5. Post: Hotel Manager in a Small-Scale hotel or a Cafe

Resume Objective: I am looking for the position of Hotel Manager in an Esteemed Hotel like yours, where I can make use of my management skills in an efficient manner to ensure the expansion of my hotel. I have numerous creative ideas for arranging and conducting all the hotel events, and maintaining the Hotel staff.

These were some effective statement samples. I hope they will guide you through the process of creating a beautiful resume.

Travel Guidance Relative To Grand Packages And Pleasant Vacation While Taking Hotels In Reno Hotels

Best Reno Hotels

Known as the biggest little city in the world, the beautiful Reno can be covered in thirty minutes but you will be astounded to find a great number of best hotels in the city. When you decide to go to Reno for a vacation, you will see that the Hotels in Reno provide you with impeccable facilities and amazing customer service. If you are planning on attending some event at the Convention Center, you should consider staying at the Atlantis Casino Resort in Reno as it is very near to that and a short distance from the main gambling arena where all the noise usually is. The Siena Hotel Spa Casino in Reno will immerse you in the most comfortable of accommodations and let you experience its subtle luxury. Staying at the Circus Circus Reno Resorts is another option if you want reasonable rates for a good suite.

Reno Hotel Deals

If you are thinking of having a retreat in Reno in the near future, you should know that there many amazing deals on Reno Hotels that you can avail in order to have an inexpensive yet wonderful vacation. These amazing cheap discounts on offer will ensure that you have a splendid vacation and at the same time pay a very reasonable amount. The important thing you must keep in mind if you want to take advantage of all these great discount packages is to make your reservations on an early basis in order to gain access to all the latest deals. The wide array of deals that will lessen your vacation charges include free breakfast, free transport to and from the airport and visiting the city, ticket and hotel reservation discounts and coupons for shopping in the nearby shopping malls. The Reno Hotels deals ensure that you have an awesome vacation at a very reasonable rate which will leave you happier than ever.

Best Reno Hotels on a Budget

It is a difficult task to have a wonderful vacation on a tight budget but you will be shocked to find out how easy it is to do so in Reno. Reno is famous for being the biggest little city in the world and hence for having a plethora of discount hotels where you can stay in order to minimize your accommodation costs. The discount hotels in Reno are finely equipped with all the latest facilities to gratify all your needs and desires in the best possible manner and at cheap prices so you would not have to get anxious about spending all your money on one trip. The hotels in Reno that provide discounted rates such as Peppermill Hotel Casino offer beautiful rooms at cheap rates. Another such hotel is the Atlantis Hotel Resort Casino and Spa in Reno that offers tasteful rooms but the charges range from cheap to moderate. Apart from these, there are many other options that you can take advantage of in order to have a fabulous vacation.

Finding Cheap yet Deluxe Reno Hotels

If you are planning a holiday trip to Reno in Nevada, you dont have to be bothered by your lodging at all. There are innumerable Reno Hotels that are experienced in providing the best of services and amenities at affordable rates. You should look for inexpensive hotels in Reno that make available comfortable accommodation and the finest quality services. The trick is to make your reservations really early as that too will get you great deals at luxurious hotels that you will find very reasonable. Many hotels offer discounts and are luxurious at the same time such as Silver Legacy Resort Casino, Best Western Airport Plaza Hotel, Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites Reno Airport, Hill Garden Inn Reno, Celebrity Resorts Reno and Courtyard Reno Hotel. These hotels will offer you excellent quality services and lodging facilities at economical rates and you will happily remember your time in Reno all your life.

Meru Kenya Town Hotels, Accommodation And Lodges

Located on the Eastern slopes of Mt Kenya, Meru has hotels that can be classified as town hotels and luxury lodges. In Meru National park accommodation is offered by luxury lodges, budget bandas and campsites. The town is catered for by town hotels in the categories of mid range and budget properties. Luxury lodges in the park like Leopard Rock, Elsa’s Kopje and offbeat will cost on average 800-1000 dollars per night on full board basis for double room, while mid range hotels in Meru town will cost on average Ksh 2500 per night.

Luxury properties in Meru include, Signature Hotel, Mwangaza White House Hotel and Gatimene Palm Springs. Located near Nakumatt, the Ornate signature Hotel has set up new standards for luxury hotels not only in Meru but the whole of Mt Kenya region. Neighboring Simba Wells Restaurant is the Mwangaza White House Hotel. From the hotel Balcony one enjoys Panoramic views of Nyambene Hills. The luxury Senator Suite at Mwangaza complete with a sauna machine and a treadmill goes for about Ksh 7000 per night. Single rooms will cost about Ksh 4000 per night for bed and Breakfast.

In a class of its own is the Gatimene Palm Springs. Located along the Meru Maua Road at Kaaga the hotel Luxury suites going for between Ksh 8000 to Ksh 10000 per night on BB. The hotels has a well tended garden where guests can relax and enjoy their meals. NOTE: Some of the hotel owners are very sensitive when it comes to photography. Do not ask me why.

Mid range properties in Meru town include, Meru Slopes Hotel (from KES 4000 per night), Nevada Palace Hotel, West Wind Hotel, County Hotel, The Blue towers, The white star, Hotel Royal prince, Safari Hotel, Hotel incredible and Hotel three steers. Budget properties in town are Brown rock, Ntugi lodge, Pig and Whistle, Hotel Milimani, Stansted hotel and Jaslee Guest House.

Slightly outside of town you will find, The Spa, Thiiri Centre, Camp David and
Rocky inn. Only Thiiri centre offers mid range accommodation.

Though budget in nature, Thiiri Centre is the only property in Meru with a swimming pool (Other swimming pools are to be found at Freds Academy and Meru Golf Club). Thiiri also has an expansive garden ideal for weddings and other outdoor meetings. It also has conference room, cyber cafe. Being a cultural centre at Thiiri is an ideal place to visit if you want to learn about culture. Music lessons are conducted daily.

The Nevada is among the new property in Meru Town. It is located at Makutano. It has well appointed rooms -Singles or Doubles going for between Ksh 1800 and Ksh 3500 for BB. The hotel also has conference facilities and secure parking.

Also new is the Meru West Wind Hotel. Located along the Meru Mau Road. It has exceptionally clean double single or twin rooms, private parking, conference facilities and secure parking. Conference is free to residing guests. Rooms go for about Ksh 2000-Ksh 4000 on BB

The Meru County.
Located in the town centre along Meru Nanyuki/Isiolo road opp district headquarters. Hotel has conference facilities, restaurant, bar, Nyama choma ranch. Room Rates on BB are Single Ksh 1500; Double Ksh 2500; Delux single Ksh 2000 ; Delux double Ksh 3000; Studio Suite Single Ksh 2500; Double Ksh 3500 ;Junior suite Single Ksh 3500; Double ksh 4000
Executive Suite Ksh 5000

Blue Towers hotel
Located at Makutano on Meru Mau Junction. Rooms with Tv, private bath with showers or bathtub. Suites have two bed rooms and writing table. Hotel has conference facilities, fitness centre, car park. No beer served.
Room Rates BB-Single Ksh 1500; Doubel ksh 2000; Delux Double occupancy 2300; Suite Double occupancy 2800

White Star hotel
Along Meru Mau Road. Hotel has conference facilities, conference room, restaurant. No beer served. Hotel rooms have private bath with showers, satellite tv. Room Rates BB-Single Ksh 1500; Doubel ksh 2000; Delux Double occupancy 2300

Three Steers Hotel
Located at Makutano. Hotel has conference facilities, restaurant, bar. Rooms are well appointed, individually built with private showers.
Room Rate BB (Approximately)-Single Ksh 1600, Double Ksh 2000

Inside Meru National park, one can get accommodation at the luxury game lodges of Leopard Rock, Elsa’s Kopje and Offbeat Camp. These will cost you USD 500 per night on full board double. Budget accommodation is provide by Kws bandas at Kina, Murera and bwatherongi. Bandas cost ksh 3500 and you need to organize your own meals. Murera bandas, located on the banks of Murera river have swimming pool and a campsite.

Are Adult Vacation Resorts Better Than Going Solo

Ever find yourself wishing that you could have the perfect adult vacation? Well, you just may be able to pull it off by using the services of an adult vacation resort. Many of these resorts allow members to view the erotic companions available by giving them access to an online photo gallery. There members can view a girl’s vital statistics and her personal preferences. Guys whose ultimate fantasy is to be with twins will be happy to know that even that option is available. Those who like to have a variety of beautiful women can also change their companions each day.

The benefits of an adult vacation package deal are obvious to seasoned erotic vacation travelers. They know that it’s hard to get consistent quality by picking girls up off the streets or out of clubs. The more beautiful club girls are known to be less concerned about making their male companion happy. Even though in the clubs guys pay a premium for the companionship of a real looker there is no guarantee of satisfaction. She may look at the clock and rush so that she can get to another engagement. It is not unusual for these girls to leave earlier than promised.

If aesthetics are important to you then an adult vacation resort will provide companions who are screened based on appearance and good manners. You will often find girls that picked up on the beach or from a nightclub are less than perfect guests raiding your mini-bar and making long distance calls from your room adding to the cost of their companionship. They also require constant vigilance to prevent theft. Some of the most experienced tourists have let their guards down only to be drugged or robbed, sometimes both. The safety of companions employed by an all inclusive resort is priceless compared to the risks of inviting random strangers from the general populace into your hotel room.
The resorts girls are accountable to the management for your satisfaction. The same cannot be said for girls hanging out in the clubs.

Caribbean adult vacation resorts offer tourists options for couples, golf, scuba diving and deep sea fishing. They have a very long list of satisfied customers. You can sign up to their membership club for a small fee and view photos of their girls and then purchase an affordable adult vacation package. Airfares are expected to rise again in the near future so dont put off this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Tips For Taking A Caribbean Vacation During Hurricane Season

The official Caribbean hurricane season stretches from June 1 – November 30. It’s rare to see a large storm in either June or November and most major hurricanes occur between August and October, with the peak season usually being September.

The upside is that prices are lower for the Caribbean during this time and resorts are less crowded. So what do you do if you want to get away during hurricane season?

Buy Travel Insurance
You must buy the trip cancellation insurance before the storm is announced, otherwise it will be deemed a pre-existing condition, so always purchase insurance the same day you book your trip to be safe. Most travel insurance policies will cover a trip disrupted because of a hurricane when you are forced to arrive late or leave early for your trip, but you’ll be reimbursed only for the affected days until the airport or resort reopens. You will usually be reimbursed for the days you are forced to stay at a resort during a hurricane, but be sure to always read the fine print on your policy to make sure you know what they will actually cover.

Try to Avoid the Storms
Track hurricanes online with weather websites during the season. Some good sites include:

The National Weather Service – National Hurricane Center

Hurricane & Storm Tracking for the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans

Hurricane News and Information Tropical Storm Center

Pick Your Location Well
When planning a trip to the Caribbean during hurricane season, it is good to know that hurricanes are less likely the further south you go. The islands of Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and St. Vincent, including the islands below them, are the least hit by hurricanes. However, as Grenada discovered in 2004 with Hurricane Ivan, never say never and keep in mind that hurricanes are unpredictable.

Go on a Cruise
The good thing about cruises is that they can usually sail around the worst of a storm. And today’s ships are extraordinarily safe and with the advanced weather tracking available today, bad weather is something they can avoid. The downside is that the cruise line always reserves the right to reschedule port calls and change itineraries for weather-related reasons and therefore you may not get to visit the places you had hoped to.

Pick a Resort That Offers a Hurricane Guarantee
Recently, many of the largest resorts and resort chains, have started instituting a hurricane guarantee, offering guests their money back for days lost to bad weather. For example, in the unlikely event that hurricane force winds (as defined by the U.S. National Weather Service) directly hit the Sandals or Beaches resorts while you are a guest, interrupting the use of all the included activities, Sandals or Beaches Resorts will offer a free replacement vacation to be taken at any Sandals or Beaches Resort of your choice. Go to for more resorts that offer hurricane guarantees.

Make the Best of It.
If you do get caught on vacation during a hurricane, try to make the best of it. As long as there is no danger present, relax indoors and focus on other activities.

My husband and I got caught in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico during hurricane Keith in 2000. He was still my boyfriend at that time and unbeknownst to me, he planned to propose on our second evening there. We got dressed for dinner and arrived at the hotel restaurant to find it boarded up. We saw the line up in the hotel lobby, everyone was being evacuated from the hotel to one farther up the coast. We ran back to our room, packed and got on the next bus out – not the evening my husband had planned!

When we checked into our room at the new hotel a few hours later, he still had the engagement ring burning a hole in his pocket. The winds were blowing and it was raining so the romantic walk on the beach he had been hoping for was out. He couldnt put it off any longer so he dropped to one knee and proposed then and there. It was definitely a memorable evening, hurricane and all!

Stay In The Best Malaysian Mountain Resorts And Enjoy The Scenic Beauty Of The Mountains

Are you looking for some resorts in Malaysia or Ipoh? If so then you can be absolutely relaxed. This is because there is plenty of good quality Ipoh and Malaysia Mountain resorts.

Malaysia is a beautiful country surrounded by mountains. If are interested in climbing the innumerable mountain ranges will tempt you at every level. Be it the lower ranges or the high range mountains you can really discover the diversity and the unique beauty of the Malaysian mountain once you come here. Each of the mountain ranges possesses their own charm. If you have not visited Malaysia till now, it is high time that you make a plan and come here.

The Malaysia mountain resorts will offer you the best facilities that are usually available at any resort. At the same time, you will also be happy to know that the service charges are comparatively very low that you would generally find in the resorts. The swimming pool, the bars and restaurants, the spa and the massage centers, the cafes along with the beautiful scenic view will really make you enjoy the best in Malaysia Mountains.

When you come to Malaysia, you should make an attempt to visit Ipoh as well. Ipoh is a beautiful and lovely place. Once you come here, you will understand what kind of natural beauty this small town in Malaysia possesses.

You will not have to face any problem in Ipoh as far as hotel in Ipoh is concerned. There are plenty of hotels and resorts here which will make your stay perfect and comfortable. Here you will get the most modern facilities like spas, fitness rooms as well as foot massage centers. You can relax both physically as well mentally in the resorts and hotels of Ipoh.

You can book the hotel in Ipoh from before so that you can be absolutely relaxed once you come here. If pre-booked, you would not have to look for hotels at different places. At the same time, you can also compare the rates of the different hotels before you choose one.

You will be satisfied to the maximum extent and you would like to come back again and again. The cafes that are attached with the hotels will provide you with delicious local cuisines. Be it lunch or dinner, you will not have to move outside the hotel. You can enjoy them at the hotel. If you want, you can have your food in your room. Order the food that you want to eat. The 24 hour room service will come and serve you.

If you are in search of good Malaysia Mountain resorts or any other resorts in Ipoh, you should definitely log on to the internet. In the websites you will get plenty of information and guide about any kind of accommodation facility that you want. You will be happy to get information of the best kind from this site.

Blackpool – A Short History Of Tourism In The Resort

Blackpool is a holiday resort on the Lancashire coast in the North West of England. Attracting some ten million visitors a year, the town is the most popular coastal resort in Europe. Historically, Blackpool owes much of its success to its proximity to the industrial towns of Lancashire with their large urban populations. Lancashire, and in particular Manchester, was the centre of the industrial revolution which took place in Britain during the nineteenth century. At this time Manchester was an extremely important manufacturing city; it was the focal point of the cotton trade being surrounded by mill towns such as Bolton, Bury, Rochdale, and Oldham with their spinning and weaving industries. Hundreds of thousands of people flocked from the countryside and from further afield such as Ireland to work in these factories and mills, and the population of Manchester and the nearby mill towns expanded rapidly. These developments took place around fifty or so miles from Blackpool – if only people could get there.

For hundreds of years, Blackpool was little more than a quiet seaside village. It was hard to reach being surrounded by bogs and forests. It wasn’t until 1781 that the first road was built into the town, which enabled people to arrive by stagecoach. Even then the resort wasn’t easily accessible because the journey was uncomfortable and time consuming: it could take a whole day to travel from Manchester and two days from Yorkshire. It should be noted as well that there was very little in terms of recreational facilities for visitors in Blackpool at this time. There was a short narrow grass promenade, a theatre, a bowling green and an area for archery. The main attraction was the sea shore: people walked or rode along the sands and swam in the sea. They even drank the seawater which apparently was a highly fashionable activity in those days.

What really changed everything was the arrival of railway in the Blackpool area. In 1840 a railway was constructed with the original objective of transporting passengers to Fleetwood a town lying to the North of Blackpool. Sir Peter Hesketh, the founder of Fleetwood proposed to build a seaport and holiday resort on his land there. The development of Fleetwood never came to full fruition, however, and the railway ran into financial difficulties. It was only rescued by passengers from the Lancashire mill towns, many of whom went on from Poulton station to Blackpool travelling by horse drawn forms of transport such as wagons. In 1846 a railway station was constructed in Blackpool itself enabling visitors to come directly into the resort. It was now fairly cheap and easy to get to Blackpool and people began arriving in ever increasing and unexpected numbers. They came not only from Lancashire but from all over the North of England. In 1863 another railway station was built in the centre of Blackpool to help cope with the thousands of people who wanted to get to the resort.

The huge numbers of people now coming to Blackpool provided the impetus for local business people and the municipal authorities to improve recreational facilities. In the next forty years Blackpool was transformed. Three piers were opened; Blackpool Tower was constructed, the Winter Gardens and Opera House were built, the Blackpool Illuminations began, the development of the Golden Mile was initiated, and ambitious plans were put in place to create a large amusement park – which would eventually become Blackpool Pleasure Beach, now the most popular holiday attraction in Britain.

The infrastructure of the town was vastly improved. A gasworks was built with gas street lighting, a water company was formed and a piped water supply was provided, electric street lighting was introduced, and work began on the tramway system. Some idea of the impact of tourism on the resort can be gauged from the fact that in the late nineteenth century Blackpool could accommodate around a quarter of a million visitors – over seven times the permanent population of 35,000 people. The success continued into the following century, with visitors staying in ever increasing numbers. At its peak, Blackpool was receiving around 19 million holiday makers a year – nearly half the population of England. Photographs of Blackpool in the period after the Second World War vividly illustrate the popularity of the resort, showing the entire length of the Promenade and beach crowded with people

In the early 1960’s Blackpool went into decline, as did all British holiday resorts. Just as cheap rail travel brought the crowds to Blackpool in its heyday so cheap air flights took them to the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean coast and their more dependable weather. However decline is a relative concept. Blackpool still attracts around ten million people every year and many supposedly flourishing resorts would consider themselves fortunate to have such large numbers of visitors.

Carmel Forest Spa Resort

Want to experience an extraordinary break? Plan your tour to Israel at the Carmel Forest Spa and Resort. Carmel Forest Spa Resort is a luxury hotel resort located in Israel. It is ranked among the best 5 star hotels in Israel. The resort has 126 rooms in total. If you’re planning a luxurious retreat far away from the hustle bustle of the city life in Israel then Carmel Forest Spa Resort is the right place to book your accommodation.

The resort welcomes guests with a promise to make their stay comfortable coupled with a wide range of leisure activities, exceptional high dining facilities, recreational and sports activities etc. Keep in mind that it is an adult only hotel with all kinds of modern facilities like air conditioning, wireless internet access, wellness center, spa, sauna, massage, Jacuzzi to offer complete relaxation to the tired souls.

Once you’re at the Carmel Forest Spa Resort you can break free putting your regular on hold. There are loads of activities to take part in. This resort is wonderfully located in a scenic landscape which provides a reason to escape, relax and unwind and indulge in every possible opportunity.

From the moment you get into this beautiful hotel resort, you will be greeted to the highest quality standards with excellent detail. There are well furnished and spacious rooms to meet every taste. Each and every room at the hotel has huge balconies with terraces offering the enchanting views of the forest and gardens.

As the name indicates, Carmel Forest is a spa resort. Hence, you can find top of the line spa services that combine well with the well appointed and attractively decorated lodging to accommodate and pamper guests in a nourishing and calm ambiance. The spa treatment rooms provide a range of massages that include body peels, aromatherapy as well as seaweed wraps.

The resort spa is situated on the hillside offering stunning views of the Mediterranean and the pine trees. You can reach the resort in a short drive starting from Haifa. Here you can consult a licensed nutritionist and go out on a thrilling forest walk. You can even enjoy a sesame oil massage on return and then get the meal prepared with all organic ingredients.

After spending an entire day in sightseeing, you can enjoy a refreshing and enjoyable swim in the spacious pools at the spa resort. Nonetheless, there’s a fashionable restaurant at the resort which serves a range of admirable local and international dishes for lunch, dinner and breakfast. Additionally, there is a fashionable bar which provides the right choice of refreshing and tempting snacks and drinks.

Last but not the least, you must also know the other hotel facilities that include wake up service, meeting rooms, data ports, fitness room, in house dining facility, tea or coffee maker, electronic room keys, Sauna, air conditioning, room service, car rental desk, in house bar, business center, mini bar in room, and so on.